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Appropriate Body

Appropriate Body

All schools that offer a statutory induction are required to have an Appropriate Body (AB) for their Early Career Teachers (ECTs).

The Cheshire Teaching School Hub plays a key role in statutory teacher induction. As well as ensuring that ECTs receive their statutory entitlements, we will ensure that regard is had to the amended statutory guidance and that ECTs are fairly and consistently assessed. Appropriate bodies will also be expected to check that ECTs are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF.

To sign up to our Appropriate Body service please register here

If you are undertaking the Core Induction Programme or School Based Programme, the Appropriate Body will need to undertake fidelity checks. 

Below is a summary of those checks:

For more information about the Statutory Induction for early career teachers, the role of the mentor and the induction tutor, please click here, email or call 01782 418211